Exposing Children to Pornography


My ex wife has put a computer with internet access into my children’s bedroom. I have children ages 12, 11, and 6 who use this computer. Her boyfriend has been using this computer to view internet pornography and does not clear the internet history, leaving his porn sites accessible to my children when they use the computer. My ex wife is aware of this problem and refuses to address it.

What can I do to protect my children from the boyfriend’s internet porn? I’m also aware that he has been getting in bed to “tickle” my 6 year old daughter when my ex-wife isn’t home. I have tape recorded my sons describing the porn problem and my daughter talking about the boyfriend getting into bed with her.

What can I do? Can I get a restraining order against this boyfriend for my children?

Update: I have done some reading and I thought I should mention that I have had an open custody case with my ex wife for over a 1.5 years. Perhaps I should file a motion in the cause to mention these facts, note my ex wife’s unwillingness to discuss my concerns and request that the boyfriend be temporarily prohibited from having contact with my children until our custody case is resolved… Your thoughts?


Unfortunately you cannot get a restraining order against her boyfriend. You should start documenting your ex’s reactions to your concerns immediately. Communicate with her regarding this situation via email and save all of the correspondence. Keep the recordings of the children talking about what they have seen in a safe place. If the situation continues as it is you may have enough grounds to file a motion to modify custody. If your ex continues to defer to her boyfriend and does nothing to deal with his behavior you may be able to convince a judge that the circumstances have changed such that the children’s best interests are not being met by continuing to live with her.
In the mean time I would suggest you take this opportunity to have your children open up to you and discussing these issues.