Filing Lawsuit without Attorney Assistance for AofA and CC

I am nearing the end of my separation period with my soon-to-be ex-wife with the intent of finalizing the divorce as soon as possible after the Year+1 day rule is satisfied. Part of this horrendous last year or so has been the revelation that she was a serial adulteress. I have sworn depositions by her and one of her lovers confessing to their affair - as well as her admission to having other lovers during the same period.

I would like to file Alienation of Affection and Criminal Conversation lawsuits against one or more of her lovers and would have to believe that since I have sworn depositions (given under oath as part of a dismissed and bogus domestic violence action she took as a strategic step to try to gain the upper hand in the divorce proceedings) where admissions and motivations are discussed under oath that my case would seem relatively bulletproof. I understand the difficulty in collecting a judgement as well as the costs of attorneys - - but believe that if I do this on my own I could potentially save the attorney costs and just have to incur the cost of my time to either gain or negotiation a settlement.

My questions are this…

Can I file a lawsuit for AofA and CC on my own and is there a self-help website or something that can walk me through the necessary forms? The cost of engaging a lawyer is horrendous especially for something that I have already paid for in my opinion once (the DV case which was dismissed with prejudice cost me a gigantic amount of money but resulted in the depositions that I believe are ample evidence to prove my case for AofA and CC against the lovers).

Can I simply send a letter to the lovers threatening a lawsuit along with a description or potentially even a copy of the evidence I have as a way to entice them to monetarily settle the case without a lawsuit being filed? My fear with this approach would be is if this would be considered extortion or blackmail as I certainly do not want to break the law.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I would not recommend filing an AoA or CC pro se, though of course the right to do so exists. These cases tend to be extremely complex and can drag on for months, maybe years. You can send a letter and ask that they settle the case, it is not blackmail. One other thing to keep in mind with such cases is to make sure that the defendant(s) actually have a lot of assets. If they don’t, then it is a waste of time and money to pursue these claims since they won’t be able to even pay you anything, or more than you already put into the case.