Freezing assets

I have spent over 20,000 dollars and no results. Separated over two years and I am sixty one homemaker one daughter 28years. My spouse 66 CEO of a company. Makes over 2000.00 dollars plus bonus company car plus expenses. He cheated on me with a woman he woks with, he has physically and mentally abuse me, hiding money. His boss owner of the company he works for pays all his attorneys expenses. He has opted out of mediation 3 times on the fourth which I refuse to do.
He is trying to break me financially playing games so i will have to take a bad offer. I have pictures of my spouse park at the woman he is having an affair with also he admitted the affair in a text. My spouse took out a DVO on me he lost but i produce abuse pictures and was entered as evidence. He stole my CC and wrote down account number off my ATM card and purchase spoofing cards and used the spoofing card to send his boss 63 text messages from me, he put a key logger on my PC, hacked my cell phone, broke into the house installed a camera. He has used my emails to send bogus emails . His boss was a participant in breaking up my marriage. My spouse, hiss girlfriend and boss has setup me up by accusing me of things i have not done. I refuse to let them break me mentally but it is a struggle everyday. My spouse is paying some of the bills and he gives me 2000.00 a month. I live in Mooresville, NC. I do not have an attorney as of now. My attorney that i used
Withdrew after my husband agreed to mediation which never happen. I don’t know what to do? I have tried to everything and nothing works. Lee please help. Marlene


It sounds like you have a lot of issues involved in your case and would benefit from the assistance of counsel. You should set up a consultation with an attorney in your area so they can better assist you. Best of luck to you.