Getting ready to separate...what about interim custody?

I’m getting ready to move out (he doesn’t know it yet). I am meeting with an attorney first -but we have a 10 year old daughter - how can I leave without negatively impacting future separation/custody/alimony? I have a place to stay that would allow me to have custody (50%) of her as well - but how can I make my husband abide by that? I suspect he will say - if you leave - she stays…what rights do I have so I can get the clock ticking on our 1 year of separation? He will fight me everystep of the way…

Thanks for your advice


You have every right to take the child with you when you leave, so long as you are not fleeing the jurisdiction to avoid the courts. You must also tell him where you are going. I suggest you speak with your attorney regarding the specifics of your case before you make a decision on leaving the home so you can create a plan of action together that ensures yours and your child’s best interests are served.