Going crazy


This is a very hard thing to do trust me I just went through it and finally got the divorce in the long with it has been one of the best things that has happened to me I had 17 with mine.
Its not easy lot of bad times and sadness but when its all over it will get better. If you really want to end it then do it but if there is a little fire there and both you of want it to work then it will maybe a little time away form each other will help if she wants to leave let her and even help her this will show her that you want to help but if things do not work out you have the house and she can not come back in lots to think about.
I my case she left and now I have every thing she lost it all ok she got some money and a few things but nothing can replace the things that she lost. I will move with my new life and will find a much better woman it will be just a matter of time
I hope and wish the best and that both of you can work things out and live happy


It’s not always your choice to end something. Sometimes it’s a ploy to try to get things to change. But if she is ready to leave emotionally, has already told you that divorce is in the future, then yes, have her leave. Have her move, leave the kids with you in the house, and get a separation agreement ASAP. Protect yourself and your children finacially first, and worry about possiblity of reconciliation later. Just my opinion. May have a couple of rough weeks, but to me there’s no reason to draw out something this painful just so the other person can feel more comfortable when they leave. It’s difficult to put the rug BACK under your feet without you noticing after having it pulled out.


my wife wants to move out and get a seperation but i dont, she says that she not happy.She looking for a place she would already be gone but her car needed fix after a freak mishap,it took all her money to fix.I want to work things out but she not given me any feed back.If she going to leave she needs to go and do it,because the longer she here its kill me.I keep thinking maybe she stay and work things out but I know thats not going to happen,I think?Should I go ahead and make her leave?Are problems really not that bad I dont want to throw a 12 year marridge away, and not have my child with me every day.I am to nice by what everbody says.

steve m. hancock