This isn’t exactly a divorce question. But when I was separated from my ex-wife, she hacked into my yahoo e-mail account three times. After 6 months of separation, I signed up for chemistry.com to find a girlfriend using personality compatibility tests. I found a match and started e-mailing a woman who lived three hours away. When I signed up to chemistry.com, I started getting a lot of spam from sex partners sites. My ex-wife did not have my passwords or have permission to be on my e-mail account. I was notified by yahoo three times that my password was reset. I’m not sure but I think she figured out my security questions. We were married for 13 years. Soon after this happened, court papers filed by my ex-wife and her attorney claimed that I was having an affair with the woman I was e-mailing and had her full name. No one knew her name but me and my e-mail account. The court papers indicated that I was soliciting sex on-line and included graphic details the websites from the spam I was receiving. I had the most incompetent attorney on the planet for my divorce attorney. I explained this to her and gave her copies of everything but she did not question it at all. I had just found out that hacking like this is a felony in North Carolina and it is still within the statutes of limitations. So my question is what would be the best authority to file a complaint to have this investigated and possibly be prosecuted? I also was just told that using information in court papers that was obtained illegally is also illegal.


You should call the local police and ask for the cyber crime unit. Good luck.