Has anyone divorced an attorney?

You can’t think like a attorney, you don’t know the system like an attorney and you probably don’t have legal connections like an attorney, heres a suggestion “GET A ATTORNEY” and you should probably get a good one, remember he doesn’t want you to get aattorney because he knows another attorney will probably crush him.

I have been married to an attorney for almost 26 years; we have been separated for l yr & 8 months & are trying to work thru this w/out hiring our own attorneys; he does not practice in this area, altho he obviously is more informed than I; for about the first year after we separated, I had his support (financially & w/children etc) but as time goes on, he is becoming more distant & is starting to pressure me about getting a job etc. now I am beginning to rethink this…I would love to speak to someone who has been in this situation or would welcome any suggestions.