Need an Attorneys Advice

How can he kick you out of your own house, because of the childs needs I think he will have to maintain the current situation untill you both have appropriate time to make arrangement for the child if you should have to seek employment but more than likley he will have to pay you child support and alimony, whether he stays there or not, but he cannot kick you out.

go to a lawyer … file for seperation … ask for attorney’s fees upfront … and make HIM leave. he will likely have to pay your bills I did, and she cheated on me!

Thanks for your advice!

No one wins in divorce only the Lawyers do!

I am a stay at home wife because I have a specail needs son that needs me home 24/7.

My questions are:

1.Can he legally kick me out of his home?

2.Can I have a lawyer draw up a legal seperation that states that he has to pay the bills andlawyer fees?

3.Can I request that he lets me live here until the divorce is final so that I have time to get a job and get on my feet?

Please avise!

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