Has this ever happened to anyone?

Has anyone ever been in a second marriage with each parent having children from a previous marriage plus a child from your current spouse and I have joint custody of my children but she has full custody of hers and they are there all the time except for every other weekend. The problem is things have gotten so bad between her and my kids that they have refused to come back to my house. My wife is so jealous of my ex-wife(even though we haven’t had any more than a 15 minute conversation about the kids since we divorced 7 YEARS AGO!!!) that she goes into a rage anytime I call them or God forbid go to pick them up for school or anything. At this point I have been staying with my kids at my parents house when I have them on my days. This has greatly improved my relationship with my kids but has strained my relationship with her. I don’t really want to get divorced but I can’t bring my kids back in the house with her. My kids have told me in the past that they feel I have chosen her and her kids over them. Has anyone been in this type of living situation before??