He left my kids, now he wants them back!


I have one more question that came to me when thinking about this issue. My current custody case is in Durham county and I live in Beaufort County now. Can I have my case transferred to the county I live in now? I think if I did that, he would be less likely to open new cases because of the distance in between. It would require more effort on his part and I know he won’t go out of his way to do anything.


Since posting this message I have found out that my x has 2 current assult on a female charges and has made a call to the PD saying that he was going to commit suicide in which he was taken by the police to a psych for evaluation. I don’t know the outcome of that situation but I do know that he goes back to court in july on the assult charges. I also know that he has a long history of drug use and wondering if and in what way this could be useful in court.



Durham county courts can transfer venue to the jurisdiction where the children live.

You can file for custody and ask the court for supervised visitation. If the father has not contacted the children and/or paid child support in over a year, you may have the right to have his parental rights terminated.

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I have 2 kids from my previous marriage. Their father was always in and out of their lives until 4 years ago. He stopped seeing them and calling them and has had no contact in the 4 years. Now all of a sudden he wants to see them. (suspect i have court papers on the way!) Last I knew he was a drug user and most of the time jobless and used them in anyway necessary to upset me or get back at me for the divorce. My oldest daughter has said that she WILL NOT see him and the youngest has no idea that this is going on so I really don’t know how she would feel. Does he have the right after all of this time to just pop back in and if so what can I do if anything to prevent it from happening? I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to prevent him from hurting them again and I know that if he sees them it’s only a matter of time before he forgets about them again! PLEASE HELP!