Health and life insurance

My wife and I have been married for 27 years when we sold our home in april she ask for a seperation we are now living apart. She has given me a want list one of the wants is for me to pay her medical, dental and vision insurance until medicare benifits eligibility starts she is 58 now and is recieving half my net paycheck per month as support she doesnt work. She is on my health insurance now at work. Second questioN is about life insurance, She want me to keep her as a benificiary of current group term life and ad&d policy., and if they are no longer in effect because of loss of job that I would maintain term life insurance in an amount large enough to pay alimony obigations until one day before death. This obligation shall surviuve my death… Will have to pay these things or should she out of the support payments. thank you for you help Jerry

You are free to agree, or not agree to any structure you wish with respect to support. I do not think it is unreasonable to request that she pay the cost of health coverage, and if she wishes for your to maintain a life insurance policy, to pay the premiums for that as well.