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I can totally relate to what u are saying i just found out recently my husband of 9 years was messin around with a very good friend of mine for almost a year he swears nothin happened exept for kissin i want with all my heart to believe him but it is very hard to forget about its constantly in your head i think talkin about it helps if he is not willing to talk about that is a issue yous will have to work out


gosh, it’s unbelievable…how to live with a cheater? ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER! you just get the hell out of that house, you cannot live with dishonest people. coz as you are saying, your mom in law is taking the side of her son…she’s so bitchy to say itz a man’s thing…wot a simple answer! You know what you gotta do. all the best!

[:(!]It’s upsetting that men and woman alike do not realize the pain that is placed on the other person when they cheat. Keep in mind that there are many levels of cheating. Don’t be fooled! It’s still cheating. Once the trust is broken you can not look at that person the same. A simple “honey, I’m going to be late coming home today”, can cause you to worry yourself until your sick. Time helps but does not erase the pain that only you have to live with everyday. Do you honestly think that the cheater is sitting there upset and worried. Once a cheater always a cheater. Don’t worry, eventually they even turn things around til you begin to blame yourself for their cheating and every argument somehow becomes your fault and your saying I’m sorry. Fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me. Ask yourself this question … can I live the rest of my life and never let this affect my way of thinking, living, or way of treating my spouse? Your answer is what is truely in your heart and mind. I wish you the best in life.

Well I am sure married life is not easy.But when someone cheats on you ,And his mom told me (ITS JUST A mans thing)My mother in LAW is a pain,She causes so much problems in our life I cant take it anymore.I am still hurt about the cheating and all he says is shut up and get over it,If I keep talking about it it wont ever get any better. Help