What do i do?

Hello worriedsick
I feel for you because I went thought this my self [:(].
I hate to say this to you but he is cheating on you and will keep doing this to you. I read something about a cheat it was on MSN.COM it said “how to know your honey is cheating on you” I read this and it had all the sigins that she was “I knew this before I read it” but it was shocking to know that and how she was. One thing to know they always lie keep that in mind very important.
Now what should you do? well that is up to you if you go on like this it will hurt very very much why can you trust him just from what I read the answer is no you keep looking at his emails, phone # and mess. So what you are have is untrust in him and it will only get worse. When this happened to me I had to let it go and her aswell I had 17+ yrs with her and to tell the truth I am glad this happened it made me a better man and see life in a better way.
I know you want this to all go away but it will not it will eating you from inside oh he will say all the right things to you make you think that he is not doing nothing but its all a lie again once a cheat always a cheat.
I will say this to you I was going to take her back and forgive her of this until 2 things happened 1) I looked at her phone and found that they still were talking and 2) my little girl said to me “daddy you would be crazy to take her back” that put over the top how would a little girl know that HELLO they are not as young as you think they are they know what is going on.
All in all you need to do what is best you for and the children and if this little bit of what I wrote you helps then I hope the best for you and your children this is a long road you will take ben there done it. If you need to talk more email me
God bless

My ex-wife denied her affair for 2 years. I, too, did some snooping. She would not budge, in spite of all the evidence - including the baby she had with her lover! I sought reconciliation. I believed with all my heart that the best thing was to put up with the lack of trust and just move forward in the marriage. She, mercifully, refused all attempts to rebuild the trust between us. We were divorced, largely against my will.

My second wife’s ex-husband was addicted to prostitutes and professional escorts. Over 11 years he was caught several times and made heartfelt confessions and promises to never do it again. He went to Sexaholic Anonymous meetings, etc. But he never stopped. He was with over 50 women during their marriage.

I have gone to support groups for vicitms of adultery and have learned one thing: you can’t trust and untrustworthy person. It is their nature to cheat. They don’t stop. I hear story after story in these meetings. The issue is the same - the cheater promises to stop, but starts again. Perhaps it is a genuine addiction, but I don’t care.

Based on my experience I would suggest you move on now. If your case is like mine and everyone else I know then you are dealing with someone who cannot be trusted and will never be able to be trusted. Don’t fool yourself into thinking like I did… the divorce will be the most heart-wrenching thing you will ever do, but it is better than being cheated on over and over again. What he is doing is abusive - mentally and emotionally. He is putting you at physical risk as well. If nothing else, I would demand that he go get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and show you the paperwork before you agree to have sex with him again.

Just my opinion.

I’m between a rock and a hard place. to bring u up to speed. I discovered my husband had a “special” friend in december 2005.we were out toghether and she kept calling. I checked his phone that nite. heard all these messages and did my CSI work and found out about it. I was told nothing sexual happened. they were just talking friends nothing more, I little fool believed it. Anyway he said he woulld leave her alone. , but he didn’t I found her number in his phone feb. 2005. we had it out. i left the house for a while, and came back a few hours later because i didn’t want my kids to wake up without their mom. anyway he promised he would leave her alone. things have gotten great between us. Now here is the problem; I have been snooping again. I found his thumb drive for the computer and sneaked it off the key chain. and what did i find, his diary. He was having sex with this woman for two years. he even branded his arm as a tribute to her, but told me it was something else.I lost my brother 5-7-05 and he had sex with her 5-19-05 after he told me he was leaving her alone. I can half way deal with this because it was 2 years ago, but he wrote her a letter in December 2006, six months ago. his father passed away and she came to the funeral . He thanked her for coming and explained how sad he felt after seeing her again, because SHE was the only thing that made him happy and he didn’t realize how sad he was until he saw her. He also put a ps at the bottom saying that if she needed anything to call and he would try his best to accomadate her. also, if she calls block the number so it shows up private. This was 6 months ago. My problem is what do I do? like i said things are ok between us. do i confront him or just let it be. I know i was wrong becaue i snooped but oh well. and if i confront him and nothing is going on, it will make matters go haywire for us.