Separated ladies--separated man here NC

oh come on…i know this isnt a dating site, but one would guess that this is where ladies who are going through the same thing as i are looking for information, advice, someone to talk to…

and i know there are plenty of ladies here whose husband did the same thing as my wife…cheat, lie, manipulate, blame you for everything, so happy now its sickening, and aint doing a damn thing about the kids–and does he think like my wife does–“Well I am happy, so everyone else should too, why dont you just accept it and move on, be happy for me.”

those cheating bastards…lets give ourselves the time and opportunity to be happy, if its just for, or for one night–we can take turns crying/venting/and holding each other

hey all
i ahve posted here before with various issues, got lots of replies and advice–again special thanks to stepmother
this will sound crazy, insane, stupid–but i would love to talk with a separted white woman who is going through this process–talk about anything and everything–separation, children, ex’s
and i will admit, would like to talk about the possibility of some romantic level–i mean why should those cheating ex’s of ours live like teenagers again–i think we deserve someone to hold as well…anyhow, reply to me if you wish, i am here to talk