How do I File for Post Separation Spousal Support?

I have been separated for 8 months. My husband has been contributing to child support on a limited and irregular basis, but no spousal support of any kind. I am the dependent spouse and have stayed at home with the kids for 11 years. I have no means to support myself, am looking for work and am a freelance web writer which is not a sustaining income.

Currently, my husband is paying the mortgage and taxes on our house that I live in that we jointly own.

Do I have a right to spousal support and if so how do I file for it?

Thank you…Valarie

If he won’t voluntarily pay spousal support in addition to the mortgage then you’ll have to file a complaint for post separation suppose and alimony. I can’t tell you what a judge would award, if anything, in post separation support because I do not know the financial situation.