How long is a separation agreement valid?

On September 2-2011 we were granted and agreed on a separation. I moved out. In February 2012 she pleaded with me and told me that we could work out our differences. So I moved back in with her. Our relation now is worse then ever, and I know that I never should have moved back in with her.

My questions, does our separation agreement still stand? And one year after the date that I move out, that we could get divorced? It is / was my understanding that if I didn’t officially reconciled with her (I never signed any papers to that extent) that the separation is still in effect,but that the one year separation period starts over at the day I move out.

If you have an agreement, you should look to the terms of the agreement to determine whether it remains in effect if you reconcile. And yes, reconciliation starts the year period of separation over. You don’t have to sign a paper to say that you reconcile. It is based on the actions of the party.