How to get a child custody lawyer

i am in need of child custody. So i am in need of a lawyer, but there are many lawyer who are expensive. i am not able to hire them so i want help to get a custody lawyer in low cost.

You can always contact Legal Aid to see if they will take your case. If you want a referral, feel free to look at our lawyer locator.

Divorce and separation issued normally resolved both by the couple but child custody is decided by the court and this can be done with the help of child custody lawyer. Read customer reviews of some professional law firms meet them and analyse which one is good for you.

If your judge will only listen to a lawyer, then I have found it is important to find a family law lawyer that is better with custody and children than the property aspect for which so many focus. Not an easy task either. However, I found a respectable lawyer that the courts listen to, as he has a respectable career in AZ as a judge for 26 years. This lawyer actually returned my call, listened to my situation, gave me a list of people in family law that he has some experience with, then told me to call him back if they cannot help or personalities do not match. This is not common.