Husband won't leave

My husband is a family law attorney and even though I can prove lies about who he is with and where, I cannot prove infedelity (sex) outright. He has said I can leave, but he won’t leave the house and I can’t support myself or my children if I leave(also don’t want to uproot the kids). I have proposed that we work out a seperation agreement and part as friends, but he says he loves me and doesn’t want to end the marriage. Have been in seperate bedrooms for months and I have told him there is not going to be a resolution due to the fact that I can’t trust him. I am clearly a dependant spouse. How do I get him to leave??? He is playing the game to try to avoid alimony, but if we don’t seperate soon the situation will become toxic to my children. He seems to be in a win/win situation-knows I can’t chase him around to see what he’s doing. Help!!

Unfortunately, one of you have to live to begin separation for pss/alimony, ED, and divorce purposes. There isn’t a lot you can do to force him to leave.