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Kaylea…Please keep us informed on what happens on the 19th, as it may be useful to more people than you think. Do you have an attorney? If not that may be why you aren’t getting anywhere.


Dear Kay33,

You have my sympathy. My suggestion is to keep your comments brief and to the point. Concentrate on a few major issues. This endless diatribe in my view might make you come across more like a PO’d ex-wife, rather than a concerned parent.

Approach the judge as a concerned parent trying to look out for the best interests of your children, and not someone who is trying to get back at an ex-husband. Let the judge do that for you.

Best of luck!


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Hello I have been looking online for advice about what to do or what i can do to keep my children from having to go through the things they are going through with their father and His girlfriend. their father drinks every day… and also drinks and drives with the kids int he car… He has visitation and i cant just not send them to him when hes sopesed to get them… cause i dont want to be in contempt of court and go to jail… here is a list of things thats been going on in their home…

  1. they leave the kids home alone with his girlfriends imature 15 year old daughter… but they tell her she has to listen to the 10 year old… so hes actuly the one thats in charge… the 15 year old is only there incase a cop or someone was to show up… cause she is of legal age to baby sit…
  2. There is 6 kids and 2 adults living in a 2 bedroom house… and the adults sleep in the livingroom… they also have sex in the livingroom at night when the kids are in bed… i know of one time that one of the kids woke up and they told him that they was wresteling.
  3. The girlfriend has abused my 9 year old son…she hits him in the back of his head… and she has kicked him with her foot,… she also has abused her own children in the past and still does as far as i know… she has hit her daughter in the mouth busting it and making it bleed… for talking back… and also just for accadently saying something that happened that day when her mother went out on her father and met a man at mcdonalds…
  4. My sons father was drunk one night and her child and mine was arguing from what my kids told me and their dad told me…He hit my son with a belt buckel and put a bruse on him… from what i gathered i guess the girlfriend went off on their dad saying that he never punishes the children and i guess he just went off to make her happy…
  5. When i call over to talk to my children or my children get on their phone they invade their privacy… by making them let them listen in on all their conversations…wich invads ours, as well anyone who calls them…
  6. My daughters in this thing called bible bowel and she has been all year and if she wins she wins a scholarship to school… well she was in first place… her dad not having our daughters best intrest at heart… decides not to let her go on the week end that he has her…taking her out of first place. He tells my mom that she is going to be going to church with him but then just puts my kids on a church van to a church they have never been to and one that my husband knows nothing about…hurting my daughter…with i think is mental abuse…
  7. my daughter is 11 and can say if she wants to go over there or not so one day he told her he wouldnt let her go to bible bowel and she decided not to go with him that week end and he went off on her telling her she didnt have to come back.
    Now you tell me is that right for a father to neglect,hurt,and abuse his kids like that? im so tired of seeing them get hurt by them…
    now we went to court once already and the judge i guess didnt even want to hear the case cause all he did was say that the they wasnt going to hurt the kids… and that he denied everyting that iw as asking… he didnt even talk to the kids he denied that also… I thought that if someone reported child abuse that a legal person had to get it checked out but he didnt… and i think that its cause their father painted the court house and they was just doing him a favour… i dont know that but it sure looks funny that way when a judge dont even try…
    so now we have a different judge comming in from another county and we are going back to court on the 19… I just need to know what to do and how to get the judge to understand my case and my problems… im not sure how to do that…and im scared of the same thing happening agian…please help me… if not for me for my kids… Thank You for listening…