I want to move out


I want to move out and she wants that I move out too but she doesn’t want to get the first step and doesn’t want to get to an agreement. If I make the first step, that will affect me on the custody of my child??? We have a child (10 years old). I want full custody but if that don’t happened I take at least 50% of the custody of my child.
My wife has a very bad attitude. When she gets mad and that is very often, she start yelling, saying bad words in from of the child and even hitting. Same when she gets mad with my son. I have been holding this for years. My biggest fear is leaving my son living with her for long period of time.
She takes medicine like Wellbutrin, Lorazepam, Lexapro, etc.
Can you explain better what is domestic violence and verbal abuse??
She is telling me to get out of the house, sign the house to her and she wants full custody.


*not an attorney
You need documentation, get it first Video of her doing this. Call PD and report DV and get warrant for assault, go to court and get a ex-parte order. That will get her out and give you temp full custody. If you win the DV case the judge has authority to set custody schedule until a regular custody case is heard. Don’t move out.


If you think she’s a danger to your child then you should leave, take the child with you, and file for emergency custody. Documentation of everything is always helpful.