Im being threatened and manipulated

My husband’s attorney mailed me papers without sevice. The papers have the wrong marriage date and separation date. There are no alligations to answer to… only a request for uncontested divorce due to living apart 1 year. My husband texted me over and over friday 9/23 demanding me to sign the papers by saturday or he’ll come to my job or home and slit my car’s tires and convertable roof or put sugar in the gas tank. He threatened for me to sign or he’d get ugly. The police told me he can destroy my car because, though it’s only been registered in my name and the loan in my maiden name, it was purchased a month after we got married so it belongs to him too. My husband says he called the police and they are not going to stop him so I better sign now! He also said that he won’t pay for anything bought with my credit cards and if I want to see him get psyco just don’t sign the papers by tomorrow. I don’t care about saving the marriage any more or getting him to pay 1/2 of some small debts which only amount to $1,200.00…if I do sign the papers even though I wasn’t officially served, to get him to leave me alone, after the divorce is final, is the car mine only or can he still legally destroy it…please help…I have no money for an attorney to get what is rightfully mine. I looked at the ED procedures and a sample form but I still don’t understand how to file them properly. To hold him off from hurting my car, I texted my husband that he is the one that did the dates wrong so if the process is held up it’s his fault not mine. He told his mom to tell me that I better sign them and give them to her sunday and he’ll worry about fixing any mistakes. A 50 B protective order is not an option because he hasn’t threatened to hurt me physically…I just want to have my car and get away from him. He wants the divorce quickly so he can go to Washington DC and marry the homosexual man he’s been commiting adultry with. I have photos of them kissing from facebook. I just want him to leave me and my car alone. What can I do?? IT’S OVER!

If the dates are wrong, you can allege that in an Answer. From the time you are served (which there doesn’t seem to be proper service in this case but I digress), you are given 30 days to provide an Answer to the court. You don’t have to file an Answer, and if you don’t, all of the allegations in his Complaint are deemed admitted by you. As far as your car is concerned, if it’s in your name and you bought it during marriage, he would have a marital interest in it. However, he would have to file a claim for ED prior to the divorce being finalized. If he doesn’t file for ED by that time, he will never be able to come back and seek half of the marital estate (including the car). It doesn’t seem likely from these facts that he will file ED in this case as he seems to want to just move on quickly. Good luck to you.