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Hmmmm-I don’t see why having a MySpace account would affect custody unless you had child porno or some other concerning issues associated with that account. Personally, I would make the account locked so that only people YOU accept can view your page. People get ansy about putting childrens’ pictures online, but if you block your account to only ‘friends’ then I don’t see the photos being an issue. If he still gripes, then just take them off the MySpace account. You can email a photo if you wish to a friend who wants to see them.

What you do on your own time is your own business and none of his concern unless it negatively affects your children-which I don’t see it doing…unless you spend all your time online while children are in your care-thus neglecting them. But it doesn’t sound like that is the case.

If you have custody now,and it’s in a signed agreement or court order, then he will have to show just cause for that custody to change. ‘mitigating circumstances’.

Thank you, my children’s pictures were not even on my page they were in the pictures folder you had to click on the word pictures to see them. The only time I got on Myspace was when the children were asleep, after doing my homework, or while they were in school. My account was set to private, the only thing I can think was one of my friend’s, which is my son’s Godfather’s wife, showed him. Or someone hacked into my account. How could my page be emailed to him on the ship he is stationed on. I thought email messages could only be sent internally.

His main thing for calling social services is the picture I had up of myself and some of the comments that my friend sent to me. My children do not see my page nor do I even let them go on the internet. Like I said I do not get on it around them. If I do, it is only to disney or nickelodeon. How can me haveing a picture of myself where I am clothed, and comments to me from other people say that I am neglecting my children. He is the one who is not around them.

DOn’t worry then. He’s just yanking your chain sounds like it.
As far as him seeing your page. If the person that sent it is ‘savvy’ enough, they could have copied and pasted or printed the pages to a pdf file and emailed it that way. I’m not sure how the whole MySpace thing works.

When you go to court regarding custody any evidence about the character of the other parent can be evidence. If there is something on your my space page that is not appropriate it could affect custody, regardless of whether your children are present when you go online or not.

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Need Answers quick. Can anyone tell me what can happen in a custody case if the issue of a parent having a myspace account comes into play? Now that we are no longer married, someone decided they wanted to send my ex a copy of my myspace account and a list of my friends. He claims now that I am unfit because of this, because I am subjecting my children because I have a folder that contained a picture of my children. Whenever I am online it is always when my kids are not home or when they are asleep. How can this affect custody? What are the chances of him getting custody if he is getting ready to go on a deployment for 6 months and then possibly get sent overseas?