Internet lies and cheating

My husband engaged in similar behavior. I think this kind of thing is an addiction. My advice is to cut your losses, separate for a year and then file for divorce. You can’t change him or make him behave responsibly.

Just my two cents… I’m sorry for what you are going through and I empathize.

OMG, it must be a military mind frame. My husband is and was doing the same exact thing!!! he has Yahoo and Myspace accounts,never listed he was married, and leaves lewd and dirty comments on every women in cyberspace, as well as meeting with over three women that I know of and my son hasn’t even turned two. He also has the audacity to take my son and have him around one of these women right now!! I don’t think she had any idea he was married until I text here, and she still wants to be with him because he told her he was divorcing me. This woman has fallen in love with him in a matter of months and not too long ago he was begging me to forgive him for his past cheating… hmmm These men are egomaniacs who really have nothing to them… a machine shell.


I have been having trouble with my husband going onto the internet and making up profiles but leaving out the most important parts. He is married with children. The last one i found out about was He was on there and have met a girl (being nice) and they were making plans to see eachother come July. She was calling him as well as he was calling her. He put on his picture’s that were of our vehicle and horse trailer saying that them two were going to be co-owners. He would leave her sexy comments as well as she was doing the same. I copied everything. I would have never know if i didn’t find her number in his wallet. I called her and she never knew he was married or had children. She was upset and she told me she would never call him again but she did. I sent her text messages over and over again and even emails. I even told her that i would sue her if she didn’t stop! I know he needs help because this is not the first time he has done this to me. But we have two beautiful babies ages 1 1/2 and 4 months. I thought things were fine. He is in the military and has changed it pay over to his new secret account i just found out about. So now as i went onto the bank this morning there was no money in there and now i am sitting over 300.00 in the hole because bills have come out of the account. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t worked because of the little one’s. I can’t cry anymore because the tears are all dry. I need alittle advice here. How can he just up and leave his babies? HOw can he keep doing this to me? Why won’t he go help when he knows he has a problem? He told me that he loves me but can’t stay with me anymore because he always hurts me. What does that mean?

Thank you for letting me vent. There is alot more but not much time to type. Oh and top it off, his command doesn’t care and won’t do nothing about it. He was evening using the work computers to talk to these BI$%&^

Rose Tanner

There sure is alot of military man bashing but why is it ok for women to withhold sex, love, and affection from their husband and not expect him to stray? Not saying any of you women had done that but I know in my case she told me many times that she didnt know if she still loved me and didnt miss me when I was away. She even mentioned getting a divorce. So then when I start talking to an old friend im the bad guy. Yes we talked about things romantic and that she still had feelings for me. It was nice to here. Then when my wife finds out shes all of a sudden in love with me and cant believe I hurt her. I Love my wife and want to stay with her but now theres no trust and im not sure shell ever forgive me. I do know that there are plenty of good women that get treated like crap and do everything to let their man know how they feel and that is a shame. Its even harder when kids are involved. I do feel for you if you are one of those women but if not then maybe you should look at your own behavior and see if youve been giving each other the affection you both need/deserve

You need to take your kids before he can get them. There are legal aid firms, social service programs that can help you get started. Your life with him is no doubt over. If he cannot see the beauty in having two little kids, he really doesn’t deserve them. You are probably young and probably have family issues with a wedding and all of that, but cut that guy loose and take the time to be found by someone who can appreciated a family.

Would love to know how this ended up working for you.