Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights

Can I use that his vehicle is unreliable deny visitations? He still has our children(13 and 4) and was told they had to be back before the 6th of Jan for school. He claimed his vehicle was broke. He has used that excuse and no money excuse in the past when we live in MN and we were only 3 hours away from each other. I had to drive to take the children there and bring them back. Now he lives in Maine, remarried and still isnt paying child support and is still using those excuses. My ex claims he is disabled. He has had back surgery and he has a blood clot in his leg. But yet he can chop wood and sell it to buy recreational vehicles in stead of paying support to his children. My fiancee has paid over $1,200(driving) to get the girls from him in Maine. When I did work and filed taxes… I had to use over $600.00 to fly my girls back to NC And I am not working. And he rides our 4 year old on a snowmobile with no helmet or on a sled tied to the snow mobile. His wife has a son who is has major anger issues,smokes weed, cigarettes, has been in jail for arson, got caught in a beastality act with the dog. Is that considered endangerment? What legal actions can I take to make my girls safe?

It sounds like you have a lot of reasons to file a motion to modify the custody order. If he isn’t returning the children in time for school, this is clearly not in their best interests, and if there are major risks of the children being injured while in his custody, this could be a reason for CPS to get involved, which no one wants. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area to discuss all of the issues you mentioned and determine what the best course of action is.