Is this harrassment or slander

My ex husband who recently lost in court sent this 2nd email with respect to me to my friend. I am tired and want to know if this is bordering harrassment or slander.

------------------------(HIS LETTER)
This been in my mind for long time I’m sorry if I offend you in any way usually I don’t like to proof myself (well I did that Friday in court, I have police reports, videos and audio) but with all that has happened I need to write something to you not for me but for my kids, all I want to ask you is if you see something estrange to let me know.
As you know Daniela is back with the group of people that took everything from me, her fiancé is friend and partner of Joe Romeo, and most like it, they were sending messages to Manuel Miranda in NJ, the person who just to came to my job.
Any way my point is I don’t make things up like Daniela said (see pictures attach) that is what they did to my house and I lost the pictures of my car that they vandalize too, they tried to blow up the restaurant one time to collect in the insurance, but that fail too, they sent few people to intimidate me when I start the law suit against Joe Romeo. Daniela call me one time when she was living with him in Florida and told me I better stop that I was digging my own hole (when we come back together I ask her what was that about and she said I was digging a hole in her heart). She was the only person that knew I was going to New York to work and her ex-boyfriend Manuel Miranda show up there the next day after months of silence.
I ask few people in Raleigh not to tell you where I live or work, because I know Daniela. Nothing personal Dana against you or anyone in your family I always consider you as a good friend.

Is just too many coincidences (en Colombia we said if the river makes noises rocks are in the current) Plus her insistence in me making a living will and putting what I have in Colombia oh her name.
She said in court that I make everything up about losing my job, but she went with me to court to try to stop this person and spoke with the detectives in New York, she told the judge I have not proof but I didn’t had proof when I suspect she was sleeping around.
For her this is 5 years old for me today I still paying my bankruptcy and everything else. I can’t not work in big companies they will call my ex-employer and ask, would you rehire Mr. Maldonado the answer is NOT. I’m working with a friend that is the only way I can work.

Sorry again and thank you for reading my letter.

I do not practice in the area of general civil litigation and would suggest you seek the advice of an attorney who practices in that area of the law.