Judge not following the law

Finally, after a very long 5yrs, my ED is finished. Problem is, the judge did not follow the rules of the law (to my understanding). My ex has a home he built and ran it thru the company (owns a business). The dollar amount from this is supposed to be added into his income for child support calculations. The judge also did not bother to add in “in kind” payments made with company funds. The judge said “I am not changing my order and if you don’t like it, you can appeal”. The judge has only awarded me 25% of the company that we both own and 50/50 is not being awarded to me at all. I don’t have the money to appeal and try to get what I should be by law. Is there any other options for me? Is there someone or something I can talk to or do? It is ridiculous that a judge has this sort of power to NOT follow the law because he doesn’t feel like it. This does not even begin to describe all the the unfair rulings this judge has made in my case.

To add…my child support is based on what my ex pays himself. He is the owner and keeps his income low for tax purposed. I had an accountant look at our income from during the marriage, testify, and the judge did not use it at all. The judge has not added in the payment the home would cost, any items bought with company funds, or any other source of income for that should be considered.

The only way to have the judge’s decision reversed or modified is through an appeal.