Late Spousal Support Payments

I was divorced in Virginia and awarded spousal support. My ex is chronically late sending support (1 to 2 weeks each month) and he has been as much as three months behind. It’s now April 30 and I have yet to receive payment that was due April 1. I have asked him repeatedly to have his bank send an automatic payment but he refuses. He does not have any financial issues. Can an attorney help me here in NC? Is it worth it to pursue this in court and does it in fact risk a modification in support? I am tiring of never knowing when I will receive payments.

If your court order is out of Virginia, you need to speak with an attorney there about enforcing the order. Until he is really late (more than just a couple weeks behind), it may not be worth it financially to pursue the issue, but an attorney in the jurisdiction in which your order was entered will be able to give you advice on how the process works there, the time frame for relief, and when you should start the process.