? Lawsuit after an Affair


Does anyone know the answer to this question or could give me any suggestions?


3 years. But since the other partners took back their spouses its viewed as forgiviness. Look up the legal word condenation. Not sure of the spelling.


It is 3 years, jump on it now and do what you can for all of us who are timed barred.
When I found out my ex had an affair I was time barred and couldn’t touch him nor her.
They mind screwed my baby who seen then in bed, she keep the secret for 4 years and now I can’t touch them, she is now 12 and wants to tell her dad what she remembers him doing to her.
After she seen them she started seeing a child psychiatric every week for tramua that she couldn’t deal with, a friend of her was killed, Doc said she had a mental block and still my lawyer tells me I can’t do anything.


I would like to ask what is the Statute of Limitations in NC for any type of lawsuits in direct reference to a marital affair? The affair did not involve a sexual relationships. Both parties took their spouses back in an effort to work on their marriages. It has been over six months now since the affair was exposed. One of the “victimized” spouses did communicate threats and inflicted property damage. Are there any types of lawsuits that could be filed at this point in regards to any of these issues on either side? Thanks