Statute Of Limitations AA & Criminal Conversation


My wife had an year affair with another married man in NC this past year.

How long do I have to worry about his wife coming after my wife and I suffer too if I stay married to her?

Confused if it’s 3 years or 3 years after she disovers the affair?

If it is 3 years after potential discovery, I/we have to worry about this forever?

If I stay married to my adulterous wife can I do anything to protect myself against this outstanding ticking time bomb of her coming after us?

Or do I need to divorce or seperate from my wife to protect me?


The statute of limitations begins running when the affair is discovered. I would not think you have to worry about this forever, as the suit is for alienation of affection, if the other couple stays together for 20 years after the affair, it would seem the affections of the spouse were not destroyed.
If you stay with your wife, marital property could be at risk.