My stbx is telling insulting and outright untrue- some hardly realistic sounding- lies about me, my behavior since our separation and during our marriage. So far these lies are only being told to friends, family and anyone surfing the internet. But the set-up is to use these lies to make a custody case against me.

If my stbx tells the sort of half-truths and completely no-truths in court, how do I combat that? Where do the courts fall in a case of he said/she said when both people involved are good parents involved in the child’s life- I can’t believe I could lose custody because the x is saying I am self-destructive when I haven’t done anything remotely like what they are saying. Is there a way to set myself up to combat this?


You can and should document what exactly it is your ex is saying about you (print web material, and seek affidavits from the individuals she is speaking to). In a court of law it is up to the finder of fact ( in domestic cases, the judge) to assign credibility to each witness. You can combat her lies by demonstrating your side of the story via your own testimony, testimony of friends, neighbors, and those close to you who know her statements are false.