Life insurance not maintained, options?

Assuming that your mom has a court order giving her alimony, then she should proceed to filing a motion in the cause against your father for failure to follow the court order. Practically speaking, if he is unable to financially maintain that policy, there isn’t much a court can do, other than hold him in contempt. But, if he can pay for the policy, and just chooses not too, then you should certainly talk to a lawyer in your area about moving forward to enforce the court order.

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Parents divorced 20 years ago, lifetime alimony paid to wife from ex-husband.

In addition, life insurance ($500,000) required to be maintained by the
ex-husband for the wife, per the terms of their final separation

The ex-husband has willfully chosen not to maintain the life insurance.

The ex-wife has a long-term, terminal illness and would require the
proceeds from the life insurance policy to maintain her in her
(private-pay ONLY) nursing facility should the husband die (terminating

I act as attorney-in-fact (durable POA, health care POA) for my
incapacitated mother.

My understanding is that this is not an enforcable claim on dad’s
estate should he pre-decease mom, so I need to resolve this now.

I cannot pay for mom’s facility (it does NOT accept Medicaid) - should dad
die I need to be assured of that lump-sum from dad or his estate.


Legal vs. what you actually do in practice to resolve this issue?