Lying about length of separation

mind your business. what gratification will you get from this.

How can you tell her to mind her business, this is her business. Her husband is asking her to commit fraud and therefore commit fraud himself. I believe that is against the law. Why should she help him commit fraud so that him and his girlfriend can get married. FATHERDORIGHT you need to wake up and stop holding a grudge for whatever reason and taking it out on everybody else. Celestialsunlover I am not sure who to report it to, try the authorities first and see what they recommend. You so what you need to do. The only thing with your husbands girlfriend and her husband, it’s their word against yours, If you have no proof that they were not separated for that one year then you could possibly suffer the consequences. I would take a second to really think about it. I would not however agree to say you were already separated for the one year.

Let me put it this way, If you are ask, then tell the truth. NO, I didn’t mean lie for him but why would you go out of your way to tell on him. OH I forgot “A Woman Scorn”.

He only has 6-7 months more and a lot can change in that time. The one year separation is sometimes a blessing in disguise. Why would your STBX want to be with someone that can lie so easily…? Do they want to get married? Regardless, in my opinion it’s not your place to “report” them on this. I’ve found that the truth does come out and eventually things DO come back to bite you. My advice would be, don’t lie about your own situation, sit back and watch what happens next. Your attorney will know what to do with the information that he wanted you to commit perjury.
My husband’s ex pushed through their separation agreement a month after she left because she had been seeing someone else and thought that he would find out. With the separation agreement in place she was free to date as though she wasn’t married. A month later, when he and I met, she flipped out that he was seeing someone and the man she left him for dumped her. She then went through 2 other men and was on her 4th only three months after their separation. A lot can change in a year…

[i]Originally posted by celestialsunlover[/i] [br]I feel like this act of perjury needs to be reported to someone. Certainly, I would like to remain anonymous, but who do you report it to?????

It’s none of your business.

Obviously, you yourself must not commit perjury, but it’s just plan small-minded and vindictive for you to tattle-tale on others.

Dear celestialsunlover,

You are right to stick to your guns regarding the date of separation. This is a lie that could easily be proven in the future and could impact your marital rights in any future marriage. With regards to your Husband’s girlfriend, I do not know who you would report that to, but chances are they will get caught on their own.

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My husband and I are legally separated, since July 31. I took the initiative and had my attorney draw up our separation papers, including our child custody aggreement. He met his new girlfriend just shortly after our separation and he began trying to get me to go ahead and get a divorce. I explained to him that NC law was that we had to be separated for 1 year before a divorce would be granted and that my lawyer had already drawn up the papers and he had agreed to them and signed them. He told me that we could go through another lawyer and say that we had been separated for a full year. I told him that I would not do this. After I informed my lawyer of this, he said that he certainly was not going to aid in defrauding the court system because they would certainly frown upon that! The more my husband talked about his plan, he explained to me that his girlfriend and her husband had not been separated for a year, but they were falsely filing for their divorce on the grounds that they had been separated or one full year. I feel like this act of perjury needs to be reported to someone. Certainly, I would like to remain anonymous, but who do you report it to???