Military Dad

I’m pretty sure that being in the military is not a strike against you. If you do end up in court (most divorces don’t) and get a judge that leads you to believe that, I would find the closest reporter (print or TV) that will listen to your story.

Also, in NC you have to be separated (physically–i.e. you have to live apart) for a year. But I don’t think you have to be a resident to start that separation period. I would talk to a lawyer about it (to make sure I’m right) and to draw up a separation agreement (which you don’t necessarily need, but since you have kids it is advisable).

Hope that helps.

I have an appointment with an attorney next week. Until then, I can only speculate, and do research online. I was under the impression that, in a no-fault divorce, there was a year separation. But this would be a ‘fault’ divorce. Maybe I’m wrong - I never was very good at doing impressions…

I’m pretty sure, that here in NC, there are some military-single parents out there. I will be divorcing my wife as soon as I’ve been here for 6 months. I have proof of adultry, although I’m not sure I have ‘legal’ proof. My wife began seeing someone while I was deployed to the Middle East last year. We were living in Mississippi then. Now, we’re here in NC, and ‘he’ is in the Middle East. However, I have a reliable, but maybe not a legal source, that tells me that they plan to pick up where they left off when he returns. Also, while I was away last year, she would dissapear over night with this guy, and leave our kids (8 & 11 then) alone. Sometimes even all day. (This was during the summer) I truley believe that I am the more responsible parent, and I want custody. However, I have strikes against me, I think. Mostly, because I’m in the military. Also, I will only be living in NC for another 2 1/2 years. If any one out there has advice - I’m all ears.