Military spouse in another country


You seem to be the primary care giver correct? You feed, dress, clean, and take care of your daughter emotionally? A man in the military is going to have a tough battle taking an 8 month old baby from “mommy”. He “can” persue visitation. Was your child born in NC? NC’s law is focused primarily on the “best interests of the child”. A man being stationed here, and there… Not likely he will take your baby.

 He can't keep you anywhere.  If you and your baby need to leave, I suggest you come back to the states however you can.  From that stand point, if he comes to get you or the baby..  Call the police.  No police officer is going to take a baby away from mom, to give to dad unless you seem unfit.  Honey, let no man intimidate you.


Dear Heather:

Greetings. I have no idea what he can or cannot do with regards to the United Kingdon, although I doubt that he can force you to move to his next duty session. Good luck.

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I am a legal resident of NC. My husband and I were married in NC. He is a legal resident of Florida. We live in the United Kingdom. We may be getting a divorce, sadly. Our daughter is eight months old. I detect a custody battle. I suspect he can legally keep us in the United Kingdom? Can he force us to go to his next station assignment? He will be leaving for New Mexico in ten months. There are no jobs in NM that I can get that will allow me to properly take care of my daughter as a single mother. When you consider the housing prices vs. the payment packages.

I’d rather stay with my husband because I love him. Unfortunately three years apart has ruined our trust in each other. What is your opinion.