Mom wanting to move out of state


I think that the idea of an account for expenses is a wonderful idea. If you both contribute to the account it could be used for clothing, school supplies and commuting expenses. Anything that you can do to keep the relationship with the ex amicable is a wodnerful thing, including talking to him about what he would like to happen if this move takes place…
Get any agreement in writing.
I suggest posting this on the Legal forum. Get the attorney’s feedback.


I am thinking about moving out of state. I have a four year old son with whom I plan to take with me. What are my rights? My ex and I get along and also work together where our child is concerned. He currently pays for child care only. If I relocate I plan on making an conserted effort to allow him to see his son a couple times a month and for long duration during the summer. Is this reasonable. I have also thought of neither of us paying child support but instead put money into an account to help pay for traveling expenses for our child. Also if I stay within nc is there a certain distance I have to stay without getting his permisson for the move. Also the reason for moving is I am losing my job and plan to relocate. Also fiancee is in military which could require a move at sometime. Please let me know my rights with moving out of state with my son. What steps should I take in the event I do move out of state that would make this easiest on all of us. Also the states where I am considering the move is within six hours.