Dear Ave:

Greetings. Money has little to do with custody, since child support is the equalizer. Also, it sounds like he owes you alimony too, so you will definitely have more than enough money.

Go and speak with an attorney and use joint funds to retain them. Stop being bullied. Thank you.

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Ok, I’ve been through the almost divorce 3 times, and it looks like another round is coming up. The only reason I gave in on the other times is because I am afraid of a custody battle. Honestly, I really wish I was out of this marriage.

Anyway… he says I’ll never get custody because he makes all the money. True, he makes mid 80k and I work part time for a non profit and my children come to work with me. I make around 600.00 a month that is taken for bills. I have nothing saved because of us having different accounts (that I have no say in).

Now, how much will this hurt me during a custody hearing? Should I start looking for a full time job now? For the past 4 years it has been promised to me that I would get to go back to college once the children were in school. So, I have no career direction at this point either.

I don’t want to be mean or selfish… I just want a fair shared custody. I’d like to keep my job and finish school like it was planned.