Motions and pleadings


Is there a “list” of Motions one may file before the Court? I have read (in case law appellate decisions) of a Motion for Judicial Assistance, which is the case in which it was used, covered several topics. Are the Motions merely subject/theme referrals by which the Judge can get an idea of what he is to move on?
When it is appropriate (or not) to file a Motion to Show Cause, followed by a Show Cause Order. The other side, in filing a Contempt of Court Motion on me used both, I assume to have a Finding of Fact and then a Conclusion of Law in which to move against me. In return I filed the same against them for another reason, copied the format and will in due course file that. But not all Motions seem to me require a Show Cause Order, such as my Motion for Judicial Assistance.
What is the difference between a Motion and a Pleading? I assume the Pleading is the Chapter 50 Custody filed on me, where as Motions “travel” through the courts as smaller vignettes to the larger picture>


There is no list of motions per se, but the Rules of civil procedure refer to several.
Motions for judicial assistance can and often are filed.
Show cause orders are only field in conjunction with motions to show cause.
A pleading is a Complaint, Answer, Counterclaim or reply- a motion seeks specific relief once the time for pleadings has closed.