Motion in the cause


I was hoping someone could explain what motion in the cause is. (a little detail please :slight_smile: I’m sure many people would like to understand it’s purpose/intentions.

A hearing has been set for show cause and X’s attorney has filed motion in the cause (PSS)

Thank You for your expertise and any help!!!

A motion is simply a written or oral application made to the court for the purposes of obtaining a ruling or order. A motion is really just the legal document a party uses to ask for a ruling. A motion for show cause is a type of motion that is filed when a party is asking the other party to make a court appearance to explain why the court should not take a proposed action. For instance, let’s say you have an order in place on PSS. If the the party didn’t actually pay the PSS that was mandated in the order, the other party would show a motion for show cause, compelling the non-paying party to come to court and explain why he or she shouldn’t be held in contempt for not abiding by the terms of the order.

Thank You!!

So what is Motion in the cause (PSS) ? - Defendant … Would this be to modify pss set 18 months ago? No ED as of yet…
I am plaintiff taking X to court for show cause, on docket it says :

Plaintiff- Show cause / Defendant- Motion in the cause (PSS)

You need to read the motion so you can be prepared to address it at the hearing. I can’t say what the motion is for by just reading the title on the docket, other than that it is related to your PSS order.