Move in with my boyfriend or wait

You will be able to get divorced if you have been separated for one year and one day. These delay tactics will only work for a little while, but not forever. He is only delaying the inevitable and ultimately spending more money than necessary. I’m not sure how many times they can file for extensions.

My suggestion is to wait to move in. If your ex is the type to sue for everything then don’t give him any more ammo than he may already have.

The situation would have little to do with a custody order unless your ex has filed to modify custody. Even then cohabitating in NC is no longer illegal as long as you are not married. He would have to prove he is the better parent for custody to be taken away.
It sounds as though he’s grasping as straws and trying to drag this out so that you suffer. Wait until the divorce is final to move in.

I agree with stepmother. He can only delay for so long. Hard to say how long. Not more than 90 - 120 days. I explored that option in my situation. In the end I decided not to file for divorce. If my stbx wants one she can pay for it. Time was/is on my side.

The question is, why does he want to delay? Meanness? Does he want something from you? What is your rush? If you have filed, you will be divorced soon.

I have filed for an absolute divorce hoping to get one because I and my husband were separated for one year and I believed that I have grounds to be divorced. Well, it