My jealous ex boyfriend


First off congratulations on leaving an abuser that was the hard part.
Next will not be easy but you need to do it soon.
Go to DSS get the ball rolling for child support.
Apply for any public assistance for which you qualify
Get a lawyer.
Record any calls, Save any voice mails/emails etc. (if you print any emails be sure to print headers which will show the IP address of the sending mail server).
Never meet him anyplace that is not public, busy, and well lighted.
Take someone with you when you go.
Also you did not say if you were married IF you were file for alimony the fact you left is mitigated by his beating you. Also file for Equitable Distribution if there are any maritable assets. Also if you are married DO NOT DATE or see anyone doing so will hurt your case.

When he threatens you or the child (and he will slimeballs do not change) file a complaint and PRESS charges.

Do what you can to provide a stable, clean, nurturing environment for your child and the courts will take that into account. But the guide line is “best interest of the child”

Did I say get a lawyer??? well do it.



Dear Lynnette:

Greetings. No. Remember that your testimony is evidence. You can, and should, file a domestic violence restraining order. You may also want to record some of your conversations with him while he is here in NC. Don’t record calls when he is in other states, as the laws on recording calls vary state to state. Thank you.

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My ex and I were together since age 16. Now I am 19. We have one son together 7.5 months old… I was being beaten,but with no proof, because he never let me out of the house for anyone to see… Now I got up the courage to leave, I took my son with me. Now he is threatening to fight me for custody… he hasn’t supported his son, and although I am not working right now… he drives 18 wheelers for a living… will I lose my son???

Nicole Richards