Narcissist Personality Disorder

Does the court system and do lawyers in general understand narcissist personality disorder. And does fighting a narcissist in court add different strategy in the mediation or courtroom? Does this disorder have a concistant patterning that can be proven in court?

I cannot say whether any individual judge or lawyer has an understanding of any mental or physical disorder, or speak to any pattern that would be used to prove a person suffers from the same. That would be up to a medical expert.

I am not a lawyer

In addition to what Erin said, there is a great book that I bought when I was divorcing my ex (exhibits narcissistic characteristics). It’s called “Splitting: Protecting Yourself from a Borderline Personality or Narcissist” (or something like that). It’s expensive on Amazon etc, but you can get it directly from the publisher for WAY less…I read that thing cover-to-cover. It had lots of helpful tips to dealing with my ex while going through the divorce.