Need attorney for duplin county

I have been married for eighteen years as of last year but only been with him for fifteen years were been separated for four year the end of this month. I want to know for me to get my divorce do I need file legal separation before I get my divorce or can I file straight for my divorce since my ex hasn’t file the paper yet. Can I get military benefits, state benefits and alimony from him. I need help with this ASAP. I need help with this three years ago when I was at a women shelter. Someone please help.

Attorneys do not reply in this forum, but do in the 'Attorneys will respond" Forum

If you have no attorney, you can file this yourself, or use Rosen Online to help you through the process. ( I did & it helped me)
The cost to file for divorce, post separation support, alimony and equitable distribution (child support?) will be around $225- $250. You can do all at once if
you file the complaint & have him served where he lives or works (military base) - to serve him by sheriff is an extra cost, or you can serve him certified mail with return receipt that you turn into the courts when you receive the receipt back. (the complaint has some directions, or a clerk will give you some information).

If possible, visit an attorney and get legal advice, some attorneys have free consultations, also, I highly recommend Rosen Online to help you with forms & legal advice
if you decide to do this on your own (pro-se)
Best of luck… ALSO- read through this forum, you will find lots of excellent advice & understand some “legal language” you may not be familiar with yet.
as for a referral I’m sorry I don’t have one, look in your phone book :slight_smile:

Is he still in the military? If so you need to contact his command to get your updated ID card and use base legal … you may be able to enter into a separation agreement through them.
You mentioned you in a women’s shelter back three yrs ago… Abuse from him? Did you report it or obtain a restraining order?