Need sound advice

Greetings, my husband and I have been married for 5 years, last May he requested for me to leave the marital home and be separated.
He has some 'issues" he needs clarification with but my gut tells me its all because of another person’s influence on him (woman).
I tried talking to him about trying to talk it out and start all over…his answer: “too late now, it’s all over”. The he tells me he is dating again.
So my next step is, see a lawyer and get all things I need done even before the separation date comes to an end.
Any suggestions what I need to do first? I need advice on how to open the filing for divorce conversation with my husband to let him know
about my legal rights and what I am eligible for as his wife in our marriage without coming across that I am after his assets and money.
As of now, he thinks that when the month of May comes, we just go our separate ways and file the paperwork and it’ll be all done.
Does anybody know an excellent reasonable lawyer that can help me? I am a teacher assistant and does not have that much funds to spend.
I would definitely need all the help I can get. Hopefully I can get a referral of a great lawyer.

Thanks for your time.