Non-Custodial Education Rights


I recently sent an email to a high school administrator asking when would be a good time for me to call to discuss some concerns I have about my children. I never received a response from the admin. Their mother works at the school (I used to work there) and has custody of the kids. Their mother will not speak to me regarding anything but visitation with the children. My question is this; is there a legal precedent in North Carolina, perhaps similar to Hippa laws, that won’t allow school administrators to discuss issues with non-custodial parents? Is this why that particular principal didn’t return my email?


Likely not. If you have joint legal custody of the children the school should speak with you regarding any issues you have.


My wife has custody of the children and I have visitation rights with them. I am still unclear whether or not the school is legally obligated to answer questions from me, or if they can ignore me as they have been doing.


Legal custody is not the same thing as physical custody. 99% of the time the parents have joint legal custody, regardless of the schedule. The school should comply with your request.