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A friend of mine had the same issue her attorney said…document document document! You have your phone records take them to court, it shows the times you called take a copy of the visitation/custody order highlight the area that says you CAN discuss changes with your children although you should probably leave out the fact you;ll go to jail ect if they don;t just say the judge said so and that;s it
next get a copy of the court report and it shows at what time your case ended and the next began time the drive time time time and document document document also tape record yours and his conversation and his verbal assault towards you ie cussing and yelling you can not tape him and the children but you can tape him and you and you do not have to tell him but like my gf has even explained to me and it can;t be said enough document time date and what was said when it was said don;t wait till later do it right then documenting means more then just saying it and a judge knows your serious when you have all your ducks in a row

While you may be able to speak to the children about visitation issues, I do not believe that extends to telling them that you will go to jail if they do not go see their father. Judges expect parents not to disparage each other as the only ones actually negatively affected by this behavior are the children.
As for the phone calls, I agree that you need to document everything, (most phone records are instantly available online and can be printed). With respect to being late for the drop off, in order to be found in contempt, the judge must find that you are begin willfully disobedient. I suggest you “Map Quest” the places you had to drive to collect your children and show the judge that you did the best you could to have them to their father by the appointed time.

not sure of what your original statement was but from the response of the attorney i gathered something about what you were asking…document, document everything…phone records etc…I also when on late drop offs would get gas or something at a stations with a receipt to prove we were there at the specific time … fortunately meeting place for drop off of my stepson was at Walmart. That way you can document you were there at a specific time and was on time.