Our Court System in America

What court is this? what city in nc? this is terrible.

Unfortunately, a person in a divorce situation must handle emotional, physical, spiritual and mental anguish - even if it is a collabrative divorce.
try and separate yourself and keep strong - especially thru the above stages. even though my divorce broke my heart and split my gut wide open (ruptured colon) somehow (thru the grace of god)I was able to realize this is a battle and you must have a plan and be ready to reevaluate and have the facts and laws be known to you.
Also, there are ways to have the wording in your settlement agreement that can sway to your side. My ex learned the hard way and says he will always now read the three letter words (all) which can be added at last minute signing when the other wants the divorce and doesn’t read every word in the agreement.

Also, keep the kids out of it - I never spoke a word or brought them into my problems and made sure their father could be around for their lives. It really does mess kids up - especially I feel more so when they are in their teens (with their self esteem).
hope any of this helps someone out there

What court you where which one someone may ask !! it seems you had the same three judges I did but actully I went through about 6 after it was finished, each one of them liked my ex more than me, as you, I got what I asked for but 3 1/2 years later alimony for a working 38 year old was and to this day more important than a child in the courts eyes with the court I was in. Emotionally I went in it in good shape got out of it a wreck and ashamed of the lies and frustration being more important than the truth, stand your ground but also know when to fire your attorney sign the lies then run like heck …[:D]

Disbelief in the system

Were they not founded on IN GOD WE TRUST
What happened with our rich moral heritage in the court system?
I went through a horrible divorce and then custody was even worse…I got what I asked for “Thank God” but I had to fight tooth and nail. One judge was horrible, he acted like he had no morals and agreed with my ex- who happens to be a law enforcement officer (which the judge used to be too) and then the new judge we got was “thank God” a very fair man. My ex ran off with some bimbo and had a baby out of wedlock…all in black and white.

Anyone going through divorce that has an ounce of common sense…you hear love is blind…be careful cause in court it is even blinder. Know your rights, fight for your moral ethics, family values, and let yourself be heard. Once all the truth/facts come to light you will be happy that you did stand for yourself and not be used by your ex…who as prob put you through enough emotionally already.
Do not let the court system abuse your time or money. Lawyers are on both sides, money is being made, and the judges are paid.

Money goes from one pocket to another…motions signed, negociation done, make sure you have your emotional state under control before all is said and done…STAND STRONG for your beliefs…