I've had all I can take


Hang in there. Go to google and type in father’s rights. There are some web sites out there that provide support, advise, and links to attorneys that take on pro bono cases. Also, if you live in another state, file to have the case moved to your jurisdiction. I’ll do some research if you like. Just don’t go off the deep end. I’m a true believer in karma, and what she has done to you will eventually come back to her 3-fold. I’m living proof and very lucky to be alive.



I am on the opposite side of the fence. I am a woman who faced the corruption, the unfairness, and the acceptance of lies and deceit! I faced a corrupt judge, had a corrupt lawyer who took most of what I gained, and lost practically everything! The ex kept virtually all of his income! My child and I receive less than 10%! I was ordered to pay 50% of all expenses for my son and received less than 50% of the property! I do NOT know how to fix the system! I am also an “indentured servant” to the ex who lied, cheated, stole from me and his children and simply walked away! Don’t give up! You have to think a different way to beat this system! You cannot be honest! Everything can be “fixed” with perseverance. It just depends on how much you can stand! I’ve waited this thing out. My “judge” retires in a few days! I’m going back in…on my own…because I have to! Gather your facts, pick yourself up, and try again! Find another job! And no. No one will answer to a higher power! They will get what is coming to them in this life! I’m already seeing signs of this! My children have no respect for their father! At times, they hate him! They see the greed, the hatefulness, his womanizing, his cruelty…so, your ex wife will one day have to answer to her own children which is worse than answering to a God that may not exist…take care!

In October, Carteret County Child $upport tried to raise my child $upport at the request of my ex. Hours before the hearing, they found out that my ex had been lying to them about her income for over 8 years and there was no way in hell a “fair” judge (if they have one there) was going to raise my child $upport. Their solution was to cancel the hearing keeping their ill gotten gains where they were versus losing money and having to admit they had been fooled again by my ex. This, after knowing I drove 13 hours one way, lost 3 days of work, spent over $200 in gas all the while trying to survive on the 40% of my income they’re not allowed to take.
Now that I’ve lost my job, I’m at the end. I can’t get any kind of support (from the same system I’ve paid into for the last 26 years of working) just to get food on my table, much less be able to financially drive all the way to N.C. to beg a Judge for a reduction in support.
Between the ex wife, the courts, and the state, all violating my Constitutional rights to “life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”, I’m condemned to be nothing more than being an indentured servant in this life. I’ve spent over 8 years fighting just to get a fair shake, that’s all I ever asked for. And I still can’t even get child support or the court to do that even after my ex has repeatedly admitted to them that she’s lied to them over and over. I don’t mind supporting my kids, most Dads don’t. The problem is when the courts gouge them to the point they can’t have a life and they are nothing more than a slave to the system. All I’ve ever done was tell the truth and try to do the right thing, but I guess the system is so corrupt that those values in this country mean absolutely nothing. The only way you can get ahead when child support is involved is to lie, cheat, and steal. I guess not being allowed to be part of your children’s lives isn’t punishment enough by their terms, they have to ensure that you submit to their one-sided rules and make if financially impossible for you to ever have a fair fight or any kind of “normal” life. Now I guess we know the real origin of the word “Deadbeat Dad”. Child $upport BEATs down DADs until they’d rather be DEAD. And, it’s not just about me, I hear the same horror stories every day from other “dads”.
The “system” will never be fixed. Too many people, too many agencies, and too many lawyers live in the lap of luxury from this corrupt system for someone who can actually change it, to ever stand up and say “This Is Wrong!”. Despite their repeated claims of “…in the best interest of the child”, they ignore the damage done to the children by removing the father from their lives either physically or financially, or both. And to those of you that may be involved in continuing this corrupt process, you’ll have to answer to a higher power on day for what you’ve done, that is if people like you actually believe in a God.
Through court sanctioned alienation (i.e. reasonable visitation), my children have been so alienated from me and so brainwashed by my ex, that they are no longer anything like me or anything I can even recognize. I have nothing more to give, and I don’t see the purpose of “going on”. If Carteret County Child $upport wants their money, they’ll have to come get it out of my grave. Sorry to rant, I just want people to know “why”.