Out of Ideas

My wife has been in Massachusetts since February 2012. She has our three kids. I have only seen them once, and I had to sell a kitchen table to make it. This is due to being laid off in 2011 with unsuccessful means to find proper income. Now I am jobless again. Right now she has custody over the kids and she is making it so that the divorce is final before she moves back to NC with full custody over them. She is not trying to keep me from the kids, but she wants to protect herself. Our divorce is based on personality conflicts and she feels that my OCD does not help the matter (affects the kids).

I have no money for lawyers. I have no money for the electric bill or rent either. I had no choice but to sign papers given to me. I have given many lawyers calls but none give me anything I can use. I can not find one of those lawyers to help for free, or something. I can not even pay my school loans and the banks who refuse to help me in two years are constantly having collectors call for money I not have. So, money is not an options as I am about to lose our home without proper work within the next couple of weeks.

I have no idea what human rights I have in this. I am being walked on because she has a lawyer and protecting herself, and she assures this is not going to affect my time with the kids when she moves back. However, how can I be sure she does not use my weakness against me and my submitting to all her papers, out of having no option or anyone to assist me, will not backfire?

I still am in love with her and I do not want this divorce to happen. However, she wants to go with society and just get it over with. So, you can see that she is determined and has resources. I have nothing.

I do not know what I am looking for. Maybe some sort of non complicated idea. Maybe a divorce lawyer who would assist for free. Maybe a pizza ordered for me (am hungry).

If you haven’t already, you should contact legal aid. There are a number of lawyers who give advice, consultations, etc. through the North Carolina Bar Association’s Lawyer on the Line program. The attorneys that participate agree to give 1 hour of free legal advice per client, but some will go beyond that minimum.