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He’s out of his mind. Visitation is visitation. If he misses a day that’s his fault. My agreement says that other days can be arranged by the mutual consent of both parties as we wish. Sounds to me like he wants his cake and to eat it too. I would ignore it. As for his business travel, I’m guessing it was always like that even when they were married, so this should come as no surprise. Business is like that, sometimes you only get a day’s notice. He still has to work.


Most of our judges would not enter such an order. Typically, they are attempting to provide structure that does not require a great deal of cooperation between the parties as the parties have already demonstrated an inablility to cooperate as they have ended up in court. Usually the judges provide a schedule and leave it to the parties to exercise the time provided.

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This is real!!!My friend’s ex sent her this. He actually expects her to agree to this! She is shocked. I would like an attorney’s response to this. Would a judge grant this? Please note that the ex travels consistently during his custodial time, and only gives her a few days notice if he will be going out of town, despite their signed agreement that he would give 2 weeks notice. She is at her wit’s end because of the chaos he has caused in the lives of her children.

"Background: In so much as it was the intent of the parenting agreement to assure that both parties (father and mother) had adequate exposure to the children. In so much as it is recognized that the mother has adequate exposure given her role as the primary care given. It is the intent that make-up days be use to compensate the children for missed time with the father. It is also recognized that neither party has been given sole authority by the agreement to grant or deny makeup days. Therefore the following guidelines will govern make up days. It is the intent of these guidelines to meet the expressed needs of the children to have adequate exposure to their father.


-Definition of a makeup day is a day of visitation given to the father to compensate for a missed visitation day. A missed visitation day is any day missed due to either a work related travel or meeting, a day missed due to illness requiring physician treatment, or a day missed due to family emergency. Day missed for other reasons may not be maid up.

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