Pls Help! 50B - how can you share custody?

I have a tempory 50B against my ex, our hearing is tomorrow. Can someone tell me what to expect? Will only the judge ask me questions or can ex’s lawyer cross examing me? Will they try to harass and disprove my claims?

And am I told the 50B will likely be approved for me for one year but visitation restored to ex. How does that work? How can I communicate and exchange my child if I’m terrified to be around my ex?

Your ex’s lawyer will cross examine you. The attorney may try to agitate you, but remember to stay calm, answer the questions truthfully and as concisely as possible.

The 50B can be entered for a year, and may provide temporary visitation rights for your ex, if your ex is not a danger to the children.

The court will require that exchanges take place in a public area or at the police station.